"Managers are charge of people. Leaders have people in their charge.”

- Simon Sinek

Leadership is not a title or position. It’s an attitude. A leader works to make a team stronger and puts the team’s success ahead of their own. Some people are said to have “natural” leadership skills but leadership skills can be learned and honed with intentional practice. So, what are the most important leadership skills? From my experience and studies, I consider the more important leadership skills to be:

Good leaders have a vision for their organization, their team and themselves. Understanding their own “Why” gives them the purpose that attracts others to their cause. Your “why” must align with your values and give you energy and purpose. Have you considered what your vision is?

Emotional Intelligence

(EI) Refers to the ability to identify and regulate our own emotions, to recognize the emotions of other people and feel empathy toward them, and to use these abilities to communicate effectively and build healthy, productive relationships with others. (Harvard Health). Having good EI helps us understand ourselves and others better. We can be human while still making good decisions and influencing others to understand, accept and support these decisions. How tuned-in is your emotional intelligence?


Good leaders create a safe and supportive space for their team to work. In this environment team members can thrive, knowing that their leader “has their back”. A good leader gives credit to his team for their successes and accepts the responsibility for the team’s failures. How does this fit into your vision for a leader?


Let your team know what’s going on…This builds trust. Listen to what your team is saying; they will see problems before you do. They will have ideas on how to do things better. How can you communicate better?


Good leaders develop a style that suits their personality and values. While we should study and model ourselves on leaders we admire, we should lead with our own version of that model. Trying to be something that we are not, will be tiring and frustrating. Your team will see through your “act” very quickly. What is your leadership style?

Well Done,

If you have read this far, you are already on the journey towards being a leader. We can work together to further develop your skills and uncover your unique leadership style. Feel free to contact me; I would love to hear your unique story.

“People will forget what you said and people what you do but people will never forget how you made them feel”: Maya Angelau.